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Microblading Session

Become the amazing Lash Artist you are meant to be!

Fill Your Books with Clients that adore you

Private 1:1 courses

Hands on practice

Lashing is a fantastic career

Once upon a time, lash extensions were thought to just be a passing trend. 10  years later, I think its safe to say, they'll be sticking around! I have made a  wonderful career in lashing, and I can help you do the same! 

I first started doing lashes back in 2015. I took a lash course at a local beauty supply store. There were probably 15 students and 2 instructors. We didn't do any hands on or model practice, and barely got help applying extensions to our fake lash strips. It was a nightmare. I left the one day course with many more questions, and without anyone to ask and get answers from. Luckily, I had a bunch of super trusting and amazing friends that let me practice on them! I practiced lashing at home for probably 6 months before I felt comfortable taking real clients.


My goal is to teach my students everything they need to be successful lash artists in a much shorter time frame. My 2 day program sets you up for success immediately! I help you get all the tools you'll need for lashing (Kit provided with training!), help you choose other supplies & furniture you'll need, create a brand board for cohesive marketing, and get your business legal! 

What are you waiting for? Lets get Lashing!!

Classic Lashes 
Made Easy

Learn the art of Classic Lashing in this information packed 2-day course! Your first day we will cover theory of eyelash extensions, eye and lash health and safety, as well as practice classic lash application. Day Two is model day! We will cover lash mapping, applying under eye pads, taping techniques, and apply a full set of classic lashes to your model. 

You will leave this course feeling confident in your skills and ready to take more models to perfect your lashing!

Ongoing mentorship is included, as you will have questions once you start taking clients. 

Volume Lashing

This 2-day advanced course is for lash artists who are already serving clients with Classic lashes. You will learn multiple fanning methods to create gorgeous lash sets you can be proud of. We will cover general lash extension theory, eye and lash health, as well as application techniques. 

Day two is model day! You will apply everything you learned on day one and get hands on practice.

Level Up Your Lashing

The first of its kind, Level Up Your Lashing is a customized Lash Audit. I come to your lash studio and observe you working on your own clients. I can help with everything from Lash Application to ergonomics to marketing your business. 

Eyelash Extention
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