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I specialize in Lash Extensions! I have been providing lashes since 2015 and have taken 6 advanced lash courses (including Volume, Mega Volume and styling classes) since then! My number one priority with lash extensions is your natural lash health - you can rest assured with me that I am taking the best care of you!

Eyelash Extensions: My Services

Types of Lash Extensions

Lashes, Lashes and more Lashes!


Classic is never out of style

Classic lashes are the OG of lash extensions. These are single extensions attached to your individual natural lashes - One extension is applied to one natural lash. This look is optimal for the “mascara look” or simply to have your lashes be noticeable without looking like you have extensions on.


Half Classic Half Volume - The Best of Both Worlds

A mix of classic and volume lashes. Simply put, there is a little texture and darkening of the lash line, but very conservatively done. If you have classic lashes currently and want to try out volume, this is perfect!


Save the drama for your lashes

Hand made fans of 3-5 light weight extensions that are made during the service and are applied to one natural lash. This will create a dark lash line giving the appearance of MORE lashes! Volume can be light or heavy depending on your preferences.


Specialty Volume - ALLLL the drama

Are you a veteran of volume lashes and want as your lashes as thick as they can go? This is your service. Known as Mega Volume or Russian Volume this combines texture, advanced shaping, and larger lash fans at the lightest weight to produce maximum fluff.

Eyelash Extensions: Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

Eyelash Extensions: FAQs

What are Lash Extensions? & How are they applied?

Lash Extensions are synthetic fibers that are applied to your natural lashes. Your natural eyelashes are carefully separated out so that one lash extension or lash fan can be applied to it. Extensions are applied using a medical grade adhesive made specially for lash extensions.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Come to your lash appointment prepared to relax! Wear minimal makeup and no eye makeup if possible. I do have makeup remover and lash cleanser available at the spa. The first thing we will do is discuss the type, style and look of lashes, and get a Before Picture and apply undereye pads to protect bottom lashes. Then, it's lash nap time! Full sets can take between 2 hours (classic) to 3.5 hours (mega volume), so please be prepared to lay still with your eyes closed for the duration of the appointment. I have an "Alexa" so we can listen to your favorite music or podcast! As much as I'd love to chat the whole time, its best that we keep talking to a minimum as most people's eyes flutter quite a bit when they're talking and that makes applying lashes just a bit harder when they're a moving target LOL!  You'll know your appointment is almost over when you feel a gentle mist from my Nanomister! This is used to cure the adhesive quickly. Last steps are removing undereye pads, taking an After Pic and then the reveal! Love your new lashes!

How is Bijou Beauty different from other Lash Artists?

Bijou Beauty specializes in non-damaging lash extensions! I pride myself on keeping your natural lashes as healthy as possible so that you can wear your lashes for as long as possible. I make sure each natural lash is isolated before applying any extension, and make sure each extension is only applied to one natural lash. This ensures that your natural lash can keep growing and fall out naturally. That way, another healthy lash can grow from that follicle. I also will only put lashes that are an appropriate length and weight for your natural lash to support. This differs person to person, as we all have different hair textures.

Got more questions? Send me a message!

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